Replacement Parts

Our Customer Service Policy  We have a "no fault" part replacement policy. We will replace any part in any of our kits that you need to finish building your model! It doesn't matter if the kit originally had a missing part, you lost the part, or the part was broken during assembly, we think you deserve the courtesy of having all the parts you need to complete your kit and we're here to help! If you submit a Part Request to our customer service department asking for a part, we will send it to you, no questions asked! To ensure that you get the part(s) you need in the correct color, send an e-mail with your request with the specifics using our Contact Us page.

If you have suggestions for or about future or current Lonestar Models products, please submit your comments on our Contact Us page.

To view all of our available products, go to our Online Catalog.

For information on ordering of kits and accessory/parts packs, go to our Ordering Information page.

Important Note: All Lonestar Models products are 1/87 (HO) scale. They are not intended for the use of children under 12 years of age and should only be assembled by children with adult supervision.