Truck Trailers

1/87 (HO) Scale Truck Trailers

Our legacy at Lonestar Models as the premier manufacturer of high quality 1/87 (HO) scale truck trailers continues as we work to expand our product offerings. Our launch product, the Barrett Livestock trailer modeled from a 50' prototype, has the same incomparable high quality of design and build today as when first introduced in 1995! The prototype trailer was designed and introduced in 1983 and still produced today.

Our Wilson grain trailer model represents a 43 foot Pacesetter aluminum design produced by the Wilson Trailer Company of Sioux City, Iowa. Our Wilson grain trailer is based on a prototype introduced in 1990 but the basic design has not changed since the late 1980s and is still current today.

Our Trailmobile flatbed trailer model specifically represents a 1983 version with fixed tandem axles. The basic design for this trailer had been around since the early 1960s so we have included several optional parts to help backdate this model to an earlier one. Although contemporary flatbed trailers are more typically 48' or 53' in length, 40' trailers like our model kit are still commonly seen today on construction sites and in occasional use.

Important Note: All Lonestar Models products are 1/87 (HO) scale. They are not intended for the use of children under 14 years of age and should only be assembled by children with adult supervision.

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